Top 3 Destinations in the World for the Perfect Cruise

Perfect Cruise

Top 3 Destinations in the World for the Perfect Cruise

Some fear the waters for its deep dark corners, while others enjoy the experience of nudging the underwater flora and fauna. Lust for such adventures is not a widely encountered feeling, but to travel on top of these waters is. Unhampered views of the vast sea and the cities that encompass them are memories worth pasting on the walls of eternity.

Cruising through the maritime life of bleak blues with the breeze to add a pleasant hue of transparency into the traveling souls is the paradigm of paradise. Those who wish to escape from their exasperating solitude into the active zones of the cruise have better options to pick here. Live bands and music sided by a drink will make the day of all those people who want to invigorate themselves with tranquil exhilaration. A cruise could turn out to be the panacea to such rising stresses in life. Here are the best business system solutions , cruising destinations in the world.

1.      Singapore River Cruise

singapore River Cruise

An electric bumboat takes you on the 40-minute ride through the calm waters of the Singapore River. On this cruise with outdoor seating, you get to have an unimpeded viewing of the river and the architectural brilliance of the streets. Iconic structures like the Merlion, Raffles Landing Site, Marina Bay Sands, and The Esplanade cover the banks of the river to fill every cruiser with awe. The running commentary educates the passengers about the history of every place and its significance in modern culture.

2.      AquaLuna Symphony of Lights Cruise

Symphony of Lights Show would always be on the checklist of every tourist who steps on the land of Hong Kong. The Aqua Luna cruise is a time machine of sorts with its historical significance and vintage designs like that of the traditional red-sail Chinese junk boat. Lounges have been set up on the upper deck of the boat for a better view of the horizon and the skyline. Recliners will be provided to all the upper deck passengers with a variety of cocktail options to make for a relaxing cruise.

3.      Dhow Dinner Cruise

Dhow Dinner Cruise

The traditional dhow boats of Dubai take you on a smooth two-hour ride through the Dubai Marina to get you acquainted with the spirit of the city. The upper deck is the spot that makes for the epic cruise through the Marina by offering unobstructed views of the Marina Towers, Dubai Marina, other skyscrapers and the date palms that perch on the banks of Marina. Burj Khalifa stands tall at a distance to be visible to every upper deck cruiser. A variety of dinner options are available on the cruise with multiple cuisines to provide you with delicacies that take your taste buds on a whole new cruise.

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